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Sarah is Windland Fields landscape designer. She spends time with each of our clients to find out what their dreams are for their perfect garden space. If it's renovating current garden beds or starting from the ground up, she finds the perfect plants for the garden of your dreams. 

Katie is our grower and runs the nursery for Windland Fields. She makes sure our customers and clients are given the best quality plant material possible. From the custom soil they are grown in, the way in which they are watered, and the fertilizer they are given, she makes sure they have the every day hands on care each plant needs. 

When you request us to maintain your gardens SarahKatie, and our Crew come to your yards weekly or biweekly and help keep your gardens neat, tidy, and weed free! 

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In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.
Meet our little helpers that head up our pest control department at Windland Fields nursery!